Residential buildings in Via Ampere – Milan, Italy – In collaboration with Beretta Associati.

Client / Beretta associati

Authors / Beretta Associati – project leader + MAB arquitectura 

Building typology / 5 storeys residential blocks

Gross floor area / 10.000 sqm

Project status / in progress


The project involves the complete replacement of existing buildings and the construction of a new residential complex.

It provides for the creation of a new block which identifies a new perimeter curtain, pulling the compendium from the buildings on via Vallazze, through the creation of a garden connected to the linear residence that allows visual permeability between the two roads Poggi – Ampere.

The new building complex, consisting of 11 stairwells, develops on the perimeter of the lot, determining a large center garden with tree plantings.
The 5-storey residential buildings include also a basement where the car parks are planned for all the 101 apartments in the complex.
On the ground floor are located the common services such as: entrance hall, local keeper, fitness and hobby room.

The section of the building is particularly interesting, as the apartments that face the garden have a living area with a one and a half height. This solution produces an interesting game of the facade, with the alternation of different sizes openings.

The garden is divided into four large lawns, bordered by curbs and sessions, with different types of trees and shrubs, foliage and blooms interesting in all seasons. There will be a water tub made of stone in the middle of the garden with a large evergreen tree right in the centre of it.