MAB Arquitectura is an architectural firm founded in 2004 by Floriana Marotta and Massimo Basile and based in Milan and Barcelona.

The approach of the office is based on the search of a unique, pragmatic and site-specific architecture imbued with a strong identity, developed from user needs and totally respectful of urban conditions where it is conceived.

At the large scale MAB develops urban master-plans, public space projects, redevelopment proposals for historic sites or brownfield regeneration .
At the architectural scale MAB works on residential buildings, offices, schools and facilities design.
The studio research focuses on the eco-neighborhood design, the reuse and transformation of buildings as a contemporary requirement and as a sustainable development strategy.

Among the most relevant works, the Housing complex and public park project of Via Gallarate in Milan, The Patronage Laïque – Cultural Centre and temporary housing for young workers in Paris, Piranesi
44 and Leone XIII residential buildings in Milan, Cartier Armonia – residential and commercial complex in Timisoara (Rumania).
Among ongoing projects there are the transformation of an industrial site in Settimo Milanese, the Urban Planning of Jinshan – Shanghai, and the Parish Center in Reggiolo – Reggio Emilia.

MAB achieved several awards: two InArch-ANCE prizes, in 2011 for Social Housing and in 2014 for the “Italian Architects worldwide” class, a Honourable Mention at CNAPPC Award as “Young talent of Italian Architecture 2014”. The project “Abitare a Milano – Via Gallarate” was nominated for Mies van der Rohe Award 2011 and it was finalist for Renzo Piano Foundation Award 2011, for the Gold Metal for Italian Architecture 2012 and Honorauble Mention at Ugo Rivolta Award 2011.
MAB’s work was exhibited at the Italian Pavilion in the XII and XIV Biennale of Architecture in Venice (2010 and 2014), in Paris at the exhibition “Habiter 2011” and in “Vers les nouveaux logements sociaux” at the Cité de l’ Architecture et du Patrimoine. In Milan the office took part in “Dreaming Milano” exhibition and “Milano work in progress #2”, and it was envolved in “Erasmus Effect” exhibition at
MAXXI, in Rome.